Large Format Printing

Banners, posters, signs – large format printing done right. We use printing technology and materials for all your large format printing needs.

Take your message to the next level with your large format printing

The trend in advertising is going towards larger formats! Advertise outside, inside or even on giant walls. This form of advertisement will easily catch the eye of consumers since they give you more space to put high-quality graphics and visuals.
Large Format Printing Services

Get high-quality printed products

Choose from our range of products like posters, banners, decals and more to promote your business.

Powerful printing technology

We use state-of-the-art technology to guarantee high print quality at affordable prices.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to maintain a customer service level second to none because we understand its importance for customers when it comes to large format printing.

We are more than a printer. We go above and beyond!


Die Cutting

At Intergraphcs, we ensure the cleanest cut for mass production using a steel rule and thermo dies. These dies can be used repeatedly for mass production runs of the same job.


Color Matching

Our X-Rite Computerized Color Matching System allows us to colour match your samples as close as two or better of an E Delta Measurement, which is extremely close!


Stocking Agreements

A stocking agreement allows our clients to put their excess quantity of a production run into our storage facilities. Therefore, we will already have several in stock when an order goes through to complete your order.