Commercial Truck and Trailer Wraps

Truck and trailer wraps are very powerful for advertising and marketing. They are excellent for promoting special events or increasing brand awareness.

The Best Truck and Trailer Wrapping Solutions for Your Business

Truck and trailer wraps provide a non-aggressive cost-effective advertising solution for promoting businesses or events, as they only require a one-time payment. A truck wrap is a large vinyl design covering either part of a vehicle or an entire surface. Unlike other forms of advertising like outdoor advertisements (billboards), wrapped trucks or trailers offer more reach opportunities at a low cost.

We are more than a printer. We go above and beyond!


Die Cutting

At Intergraphcs, we ensure the cleanest cut for mass production using a steel rule and thermo dies. These dies can be used repeatedly for mass production runs of the same job.


Color Matching

Our X-Rite Computerized Color Matching System allows us to colour match your samples as close as two or better of an E Delta Measurement, which is extremely close!


Stocking Agreements

A stocking agreement allows our clients to put their excess quantity of a production run into our storage facilities. Therefore, we will already have several in stock when an order goes through to complete your order.