Digital Printing

Bring your vision to life with our digital printing services.

Commercial and Industrial Digital Printing Services

Digital printing is a modern production method that allows prints from electronic files directly to the material of your choice: from paper, heavy card stock, heavy paper and folding cartons to fabric, plastics and synthetic substrates.

Vibrant full-colour digital prints are powerful communication tools that get attention and results!
Intergraphics has the tools to make it happen! Wide-format roll-to-roll printers for all your fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, murals, banners, sports advertising and more – whether displayed indoors or out. Flatbed printers can direct print on a vast array of substrates, including coroplast, Dibond, glass and plastics up to 2 inches thick. So let us open up a whole new way of displaying your image to the world!
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    Die Cutting

    At Intergraphcs, we ensure the cleanest cut for mass production using a steel rule and thermo dies. These dies can be used repeatedly for mass production runs of the same job.


    Color Matching

    Our X-Rite Computerized Color Matching System allows us to colour match your samples as close as two or better of an E Delta Measurement, which is extremely close!


    Stocking Agreements

    A stocking agreement allows our clients to put their excess quantity of a production run into our storage facilities. Therefore, we will already have several in stock when an order goes through to complete your order.