Besoin de superbes affiches, bannières, autocollants rapidement ? Mirazed offre des solutions d’impression numérique avancées qui produisent des résultats de qualité époustouflante.
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What is installation?

To guarantee the best results, our team of experts will take the exact measures and other on-site details to ensure an optimal installation of your product. In this way, we guarantee you a better visual impact.For an optimal installation, trust our installation experts to take care of everything for you.We provide the best installation service for permanent and temporary outdoor banners and displays. We also take care of the application of stickers or wrapping.

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    Die Cutting

    At Intergraphcs, we ensure the cleanest cut for mass production using a steel rule and thermo dies. These dies can be used repeatedly for mass production runs of the same job.


    Color Matching

    Our X-Rite Computerized Color Matching System allows us to colour match your samples as close as two or better of an E Delta Measurement, which is extremely close!


    Stocking Agreements

    A stocking agreement allows our clients to put their excess quantity of a production run into our storage facilities. Therefore, we will already have several in stock when an order goes through to complete your order.